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Abraham principle


Trust Issues

Living life with God's favor that it impacts others!  Proverbs chapter 3 talks about finding favor in the sight of God and man.  Who would not want to learn what are the things that impact God's favor in your life?  Susan shares those principles and shows how that God's blessings spill over to those who are important in your life as well. 

How can we not have trust issues?  We live in a broken world that fuels our hurts.  Dysfunctional families teach us over and over again that we can't trust anyone.  Susan opens up about her life riddled with brokenness and inspires hope.  She shows how anyone can come out of those circumstances and begin to trust again.

Sometimes we let others dictate our value.  That can leave us feeling worthless at times.  Susan shows us where our value lies and how we can use that to impact others and ourselves in a powerful way!

speaking topics include:

Changing the tide of abortion

Ever wanted to know one of the keys to understanding the Bible?  Well, this is one of them.  It will open your eyes to the timeline of Scripture and help you understand several difficult passages in God's Word.  The depth of this study will stir a hunger in you to want to know God's Word more and more!

Abortion is a moral issue that we as Christians should not ignore or be silent about anymore!  What will help change the tide of Abortion?  Susan inspires us to make a difference in this important issue!

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